How to Beat The Holmeguard Commander – Immortal Unchained Boss Guide


Congratulations, you’ve successfully made it out of the frying pan and you’re not comfortably resting in the fire. But now you have a new challenge to face. Here’s how to beat the Holmeguard Commander in Immortal Unchained.

Holmeguard Commander

The Holmeguard Commander’s Halberd

Fortunately for you, the Commander lacks range. He instead comes with a large shield and an equally sizable halberd weapon. This means that spacing yourself correctly is more important than constantly moving.

A majority of his attacks are either vertical swipes downward, or forward thrusts. This means many of his attacks can be dodged by moving sideways. If you’re far away, he may perform a jumping attack. Again, it’s a vertical strike and you can strafe for safety. That said, he DOES have a horizontal sweep attack. Funny enough, this can be avoided by dodging as well. The dodge animation will often cause you to duck under his swing.

The Shield

His giant shield will block direct shots. If attacking from the front. make a point to aim for his head. Otherwise, it’s better to strafe around him and shoot the weak point on his back.

Don’t be fooled, his shield also has a secret laser attack. The Holmeguard Commander will sometimes drop his shield onto the ground and fire a laser at the player, this deals serious damage but leaves a lengthy opening for retaliation afterward. Try and take advantage of this when you can.

The Ground

This will be what kills you the most. On the ground, you’ll notice glowing cracks and crevices with bones around them. If you walk over them, skeletons will pop up and hold the player down. This will prevent the player from moving for a short time, often long enough for the Holmeguard Commander to get at least one powerful attack in. Watch out for these. Either avoid them or dodge over them.

The lock on camera option will make fighting the Commander easier. But it will also make it notably more difficult to see where the trap cracks are. Be extra mindful of where you step if you use the lock on.

The Game Winning Strategy

The main focus should be on movement for this one. Watch where you step to avoid the traps, and time your dodges to avoid his halberd attacks. Dodge his attack and react by dealing your own damage. Rinse, lather, repeat, and you’re done.

Good Luck!

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Branden Lizardi
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