How to Beat The Housecarl Invader – Immortal Unchained Boss Guide


The Housecarl Invader

One of the staple aspects of a soulsborne inspired game are the bosses. They’re big, strong, and will frequently remind the player what it means to be humble. Here’s how to beat the Housecarl Invader in Immortal Unchained.

Housecarl Invader Immortal Unchained Boss Guide

The Assault Rifle

The first thing you’ll notice is his machine gun. It’s fast, but not unavoidable. They can be avoided with a bit of know-how. He has two ways he fires it.

The first is with by shooting from one end of the room to the other in a wide sweep. Due to the speed and difficulty dodging, we recommend you drop what you’re doing and run in the opposite direction. Regular running will be too slow, you have to sprint.

The other firing mode is many short bursts aimed directly at you. These have a bit of a delay on them, so just keep moving to avoid them.

After a while, he will have to reload, this is your chance to run behind him and fire on the weak point on his back.

Charging and Stomping

When not shooting at you, the Housecarl Invader has two more attacks he can do, a charge and a stomp move.

The charging attack as a noticeable animation, giving you a moment to prepare for it. It’ll knock you over if it connects, leaving you open to getting shot. Sprinting or dodging should move you out of the way quick enough to avoid this.

The stomp move is reserved for if you are too close to him. He will raise one knee, slamming his foot down on the ground. This move creates a short shockwave all around him, hurting the player for severe damage. The best way to avoid this is to simply stay a safe distance away.

The Game Winning Strategy

The Housecarl Invader is still susceptible to stun, as the blue bar below his health indicates. If you can’t easily get behind him, you can slowly pick down his stun bar by shooting him in the front when it’s safe to do so. Don’t worry about dealing a lot of damage at once, focus more on hurting him a small bit frequently to keep that bar down. We recommend using the lock on feature for this boss, allowing you to focus more on maneuvering. Avoiding damage is your highest priority.

Follow this advice, and you should be able to beat the boss in no time!

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