How to Breed Horses in Minecraft


In Minecraft, it’s possible to breed horses in order to make a baby horse, also known as a foal. Once a foal grows up, you’ll be able to tame it and ride it like any other Minecraft horse.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to breed horses in Minecraft, as well as how to tame them if necessary. For more Minecraft contents and best-of content including seeds and resource packs, take a look at our dedicated area here!

How to Breed a Horse

Firstly, to be able to breed a Minecraft Horse, you’re going to require 2 Golden Apples or 2 Golden Carrots, or 1 of each. If you don’t know how to obtain these, it’s simple. They can be found as loot randomly in the game, or can be made in a crafting table. 

Inside a crafting table, place a normal apple or carrot in the middle slot. Then surround it with gold ingots. Each Golden Apple or Golden Carrot requires 8 gold ingots. Now we can breed our horses.

You can only breed 2 horses together that you own in Minecraft, meaning you need to have tamed them both. Taming a horse is done by simply mounting in many times until it doesn’t throw you off anymore. 

Use a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot on each Minecraft horse. Hearts will radiate from it, and they will breed, creating a new baby horse. It’s a good idea lock these horses up in a pen or stable so that they don’t escape or are killed by hostile mobs. 

With time, the foal (baby horse) will grow to a full size horse and you will be able to ride it. A baby horse can’t be tamed either, that will also require the foal to become an adult. You can feed a foal different types of food to make it grow faster, with Wheat speeding growth time by 20 seconds, Apples by 30 seconds and Golden Apples by 4 minutes.

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