How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft


Whilst you can’t directly breed Villagers in Minecraft, you can ‘persuade’ them to do so, making them be more likely and faster to have babies. Like all Minecraft mobs, all it takes is a bit of food.

There are many reasons to breed Villagers. If you are creating your own village in survival mode, you’re going to need Villagers to trade with and have professions. You can also create a Villager farm, especially out of Librarians who will sell you useful enchanted books.

Below, you can read our guide for breeding Villagers in the latest version of Minecraft. If you want to check out some more Minecraft guides, you can view our dedicated area here

Breeding Minecraft Villagers

Breeding Villagers in Minecraft is simple. You just need to make sure a few conditions are met. Firstly, make sure that there are enough beds for both of your mating Villagers, as well as the baby they will make, so at least 3 beds available.

Villagers also need to be willing to mate, and for this to happen, they will need to have enough food (3 bread each or 12 carrots, potatoes or beetroots in their inventories). You can just throw food at them from your inventory. Once they both have enough food, they will become ‘willing’, and 2 willing villagers will mate.

Willing Villagers will look for each-other in the village. Farmers may also help by giving food to villagers to make them willing. Villagers wont mate in a bed, similar to animals, they will stare at each-other and love hearts will appear before making a baby.

Once born babies are unemployed, and can’t be given professions until they mature into adult villagers, which takes around 20 minutes after being born. 

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