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You aren’t locked down to Minecraft’s randomly spawned villages. You can choose to create your own right in your back garden if you wanted to which appears and acts like a standard village. With a lot of the new features added in Minecraft’s 1.14 Village & Pillage update, it’s a great idea. 

There are a few reasons you might want to do this. Firstly, you can choose the professions of Villagers and get trades that you want, whether it be enchanted books, armor or food. You can also constantly sell items to the Villagers for Emeralds without having to travel. Raids can provide great XP and loot, having a village nearby allows you to constantly take part in fighting raids for rewards. 

You can read our guide below for starting a new village in Minecraft. Whilst if you want to check out some more guides for the game, you can view our dedicated area here

Building a New Village

To start your own village, the only things you actually need is a Villager, a house and a bed in any area. Once you have those, that house and the surrounding area is classed as a village, and will act like one. 

Obviously one Villager probably isn’t enough. You will either need to have two villagers to start with, or bring more over using methods such as a boat. That way, you can begin breeding villagers and expanding on your village. 

Whilst not a necessity, your village will also want to have a bell installed. These can be found in other villages or be traded, unfortunately they can’t be crafted. Apprentice Armorer Villages have a 50% chance of selling Bells for 36 Emeralds.

Bells will allow your villagers to gather and gossip in the centre of the village which will give a higher chance of spawning Iron Golems. Villagers will also ring bells if a raid is happening, so that everyone runs indoors where they have a higher chance of surviving. If you ring the bell during a raid, you will briefly be able to see Pillagers as they will glow.

Finally, you will need to set up some jobs and professions for your Villagers to do. Setting up a Librarian for example (by placing a lectern) will allow you obtain Enchanted Books as trade offers. Placing down a Composter will turn one Villager into a farmer. Each profession will offer unique trades, which can be levelled up to get new, cheaper items.

Later On

Now all you need to do is keep expanding and defending your village. Set up more professions, add more villagers and defend the village from raids. An easy way to defend a village is by setting up walls around it, stopping Pillagers from getting inside. Keep Iron Golems around who will kill mobs, as well as cats who will scare away creepers.

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