How to Buy & Sell Weapons in Borderlands 3

Take part in some inventory cleanup


You have very limited inventory space in Borderlands 3, especially at the start of the game. Whilst you can choose to drop some of the useless junk and weapons you are carrying, it’s always better to sell it so you have more cash.

With this newfound cash, you can buy new weapons and shields, spend it on ammunition or a few other things. It’s always a good idea to stay on top of your inventory, clearing out whenever possible so you have space for any future weapons you find.

If you’re a new player to the Borderlands series, this guide should hopefully help you out. For more Borderlands 3 Guides & Best-of content for PS4, PC and Xbox One, make sure to check out our dedicated area here

Buying & Selling Weapons

After you have beaten Shiv, the first major enemy in Borderlands 3, you’ll be placed into the open world area of the game. Claptrap will wonder off, only a short distance away in-front of the base (Crimson Command) that you have conquered with Lilith.

A guns machine in Borderlands 3

Head towards him, and you will spot a ‘Guns’ machine. You will also see an icon on the minimap which will be a yellow dollar symbol. Now at first, the machine won’t work. You’ll have to complete a very short, yet simple side quest in order to power the machine which involves killing Skags nearby. 

Here, you can buy and sell weapons

However once you’ve done this, the machine will be usable. Inside, you can purchase new weapons whilst comparing them to your own, as well as sell your own using the tabs at the top. If you accidentally sell a weapon you didn’t mean to, there is also a buy back option.

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