How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft


In Minecraft, there is a small chance that you will find Pumpkins when out exploring. Whilst they spawn in a lot of biomes in the world, the chances of actually finding them can be quite rare.

Pumpkins have two forms, the standard pumpkin that you find them in, and a carved version (where they have a face). To get a Carved Pumpkin, you will have to carve one yourself as they can’t be found, and they can’t be turned back into normal pumpkins.

In this guide, we will show you how to carve a pumpkin in Minecraft on all consoles and devices. For more Minecraft guides and best-of content, check our dedicated area here!

How to Carve a Pumpkin

First, you will need a normal Pumpkin which should be placed on the ground. You can find them naturally, or farm some yourself using Pumpkin Seeds. You will also require a pair of Shears.

A naturally spawning Pumpkin

Shears can be created by using 2 Iron Ingots in a diagonal pattern on a crafting table. Once you have some, use the Shears on a Pumpkin to carve it. The texture will change, as it will now have a face.

A Carved Pumpkin

You can harvest a Carved Pumpkin with any tool, but an axe will work the fastest. As well as carving the pumpkin, you will also get some seeds which can be planted to farm your own.

One of the main uses for Carved Pumpkins is to use them as helmets. They don’t offer any additional armor or protection, but wearing one will allow you to look at any enderman without them becoming aggressive. 

With Carved Pumpkins, you can also build Snow and Iron Golems. To build an Iron Golem, make a T shape using 5 Iron Blocks with a Carved Pumpkin on top inside a crafting table. Finally, you can also create Jack o’ Lanterns by placing a torch and carved pumpkin together inside a crafting table.


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