How to change your name in League of Legends


Change League of Legends Name

In League of Legends, you have 2 different types of names. One is your Username, and the other is your Summoner Name. The difference between these two is that you use your username when logging into the client & League of Legends website. Whilst your Summoner Name is what is displayed above your character in-game.

Your username can’t be changed, whereas your summoner name can. In this post, we will cover changing your Summoner Name. Even contacting Riot Support probably wont allow you to change your login name.

If you want to make a simple change such as the capitalisation or spacing of your Summoner Name, you can contact Riot Support and they will do it for free. For example, changing my League of Legends Summoner Name from pwrdown to PwrDown. Set the subject as Summoner Name Change

All of the information from this post and more can be found at the Official Riot FAQ.

How to change your League of Legends summoner name

When in the League of Legends client, open the store pressing the button located in the top right. With the store open, you need to press the ‘Account’ button, which again is near the top right. I’ve placed a red outline around areas of interest. Finally, you can choose a ‘Summoner Name Change’ for 1300 RP or 13,900 Blue Essence.

how to change your summoner name in league of legends
Open the Store, choose Account then Summoner Name Change

In the window that pops up, you can enter a desired Summoner Name and check to see whether it is available. If so, you can go ahead and purchase it.

change your summoner name in league of legends
Check to see if your desired username is available

Once you’ve changed your League of Legends Summoner Name, your friends list will stay intact and your account is pretty much the same. You will want to let your friends know that you’ve changed your name.

It’s also important to note that if your account remains inactive for a very long period of time, the name can become available again. You won’t loose your account, but you may loose your summoner name.

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