How to Change Overwatch Language


It’s possible to change the language in Overwatch to whatever you want. Whether it be English, Russian, Korean or anything else. Although the option isn’t where you expect it to be.

With most games, the language for the game is usually located in the game settings. However this isn’t the case with Overwatch, or any Blizzard games for that matter.

You can find our guide below for changing the language in Overwatch. Make sure to check out more of our guides for the game, or check the related articles section further down!

Changing the Overwatch Language

To get started, close Overwatch and make sure it isn’t open. You can’t change the language otherwise. Now inside the client, head to the Overwatch area. You’ll see a button labelled ‘Options’ just below the logo, click it and choose ‘Game Settings’.

open the game settings area
Open the Game Settings

A new window will open (as seen below). On the left hand side, choose the ‘Game Settings’ area. Here, you can configure your Blizzard games. We’re specifically looking for Overwatch.

choose a language
Choose a language

Now you can change both the text language and spoken language. Spoken language is basically voice lines of all characters in the game. Whilst text languages will change the chat area and game settings. Save your changes and launch Overwatch again.

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