How to change your Sims Appearance in The Sims Mobile


Change your Sims appearance in The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is one of the variants of The Sims games, currently available on iOS and Google Play. Grab yourself a career, build your perfect home and create your Sims very own world!

At any point during game play, you can easily change the appearance of your main Sim by heading to the ‘Edit appearance’ menu. It might be quite difficult to find if you’re new to the game.

It seems that you can change your Sims appearance whenever you feel like, with multiple options such as Gender, Head, Body & Style. You can also change your Sims name if you wish.

By changing a Sims appearance, you will be able to change things such as clothes, makeup, shoes and accessories.

how to change a sims appearance in the sims mobile select the my sim button

First, select the ‘Your Sim’ menu whilst in-game, it’s the top most button to the right of your Sims portrait.

how to change a sims appearance in the sims mobile

In the page that shows up, press the ‘Change Appearance’ button located in the bottom left of the screen.

choose whether you want to change head, hair, body or style

Here, you can change your Sims name by selecting the button at the top. You can also change your Sims head, body and style with the buttons to the right. Finally, you can change your Sims gender on the left hand side. Press Play when you are finished and your changes will be made instantly.

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