How to Change Your Steam Account Name

how to change your steam name

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to change your Steam account name. When you first create a Steam account, you usually have two different types of names.

There is the name that you use to sign in, which can’t ever be changed after creating the account. Then there is your profile name, which is what is visible to your friends, and how other players add you.

As previously stated, your sign-in name can’t be changed which is quite unfortunate. Steam may make it possible to do so in the future. Thankfully, you don’t need to actually tell anyone your sign-in name, as people don’t add you that way.

Meanwhile, you can change your profile name as often as you want. If it contains anything vulgar though, you might be reported by other players and Steam will be forced to intervene, possibly forcing a name change or punishing your account. The same rules apply to your profile picture and any other personal information on your profile.

On your Steam profile, the previous 10 names you have used will be visible to other Steam users. They are able to see it by pressing the small arrow near your name.

Change Your Steam Name

To start, head to your Steam profile. You can do so by hovering over your username in the top of the Steam client and choosing ‘Profile’. You will see an area like the screenshot below at the top of the screen.

Your current username can be seen to the right of your arrow. Below, I have blurred my username out. Hit the ‘Edit Profile’ button on the right hand side to change some of the main features of your profile such as summary, avatar, country and badge.

steam edit profile button
Press the Edit Profile button in Steam

One of the first options in this section is your profile name. You can set it to anything you wish, but as I mentioned before, anything vulgar and Steam may have to investigate.

Profile name steam settings
Change your Profile Name

Below the profile name field is a ‘Real Name’ option. This will just display your real name besides your username on your profile if you choose to show it. It’s completely option, I don’t recommend it. Finally, you can choose your country and state/province.

When you’re happy, save your changes at the bottom and they will be visible on your Steam profile immediately. Remember that your previous 10 usernames are visible to other players.


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