How to Change Your Steam Profile Picture

how to change your avatar on Steam

If you’re a new member to the Steam platform, you’re probably wondering how to change your Steam profile picture. This picture is your avatar, and is visible not only on your profile, but a lot of Steam games that you play.

For example, your picture will be visible in most of Valves own popular games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The profile picture will also be seen to your friends, on discussion boards and game reviews.

You can change your profile picture whenever you want, with there being no rules to what it contains as there is no approval process. However, if your profile picture possibly contains something offensive or vulgar, you may be reported by another user and Steam will be forced to investigate.

Below, we have a quick guide for how to change your profile picture on Steam.

Changing your Steam Profile Picture

To start, head to your actual profile in the Steam client. To get there, hover over your name in the navigation menu at the top of Steam and choose ‘Profile’.

You will see your profile in it’s entirety. Look for the area below, which is located near the top. You can see your profile picture on the left, username, country, bio, level, badge and finally, an edit profile button. Hit the ‘Edit Profile’ button.

edit profile steam
Choose Edit Profile

You will be taken to a screen where you can edit most features of your profile. You can change your username, country, summary, connect your Facebook account and much more.

The area we are looking for is the avatar section, as seen below. You can see the avatar that I am currently using, which is my character in No Mans Sky.

upload profile picture avatar steam
Upload a Profile Picture of your choice

Your avatar will be displayed in 3 different sizes throughout Steam, at 184px, 64px and 32px. It’s therefor recommended that you make an avatar size with the dimensions of 184x184px. You can do this in a simple program such as Microsoft Paint.

Press Choose File, then Upload. Save your changes and go back to your profile to see your new avatar. If you don’t have an image ready, you can choose the ‘Choose from Official Game Avatars’ link below the upload button.


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