How to Dance in the Fortnite Lobby on PS4, PC & Xbox One

how to use emotes and dances in fortnite lobby

In an update not too long ago, Epic Games made it so that you could use emotes in the lobby. A great way to express yourself to other members of your party and show off some of your collection.

It was a minor addition to the game, one that was requested by many players. Unfortunately, you can only use one emote. Specifically the one that is set in the first slot of your emotes list.

Any of the emotes or dances work. Below, you can find our quick guide for selecting an emote to use in the lobby and how to do it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We have some more guides available for Fortnite here. Both Save the World (PvE) and Battle Royale (PvP).

Dance in the Fortnite Lobby

Again, these steps work on all platforms such as PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Originally, you used to select your character and hit the emote button. However this has recently changed.

Head into the locker and equip an emote or dance into the first slot. When you use an emote in the lobby, it will only display the one that you have equipped in the first slot of the locker. Perhaps in a future update, you will be able to use the same emote wheel as in-game.

put an emote or dance in first locker slot
Select an emote into the first slot of the locker

When your ready, head back to the lobby. Whether you are in a party or playing solo you can use your emotes. Towards the bottom right hand side of the screen, you can see a button labelled ‘Emote’, just hit that.

Press the Emote button in the bottom right of the lobby to dance

Your character will use the emote in the lobby. You can do an infinite emote by joining a friends lobby whilst in the middle of an emote. At least this is how it currently works.


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