How to Download, Install & Use the ATLauncher for Minecraft


GamingHow to Download, Install & Use the ATLauncher for Minecraft

Modpacks are a great way to increase playability of Minecraft. They are preconfigured setups which often contain dozens of mods and configuration files, allowing you to play at the press of a few buttons.

The ATLauncher is one of the best ways to install Modpacks. With it, you can install both single player instances and multiplayer servers. There are also additional features, such as the ability to add/remove mods, configure the packs and more.

Below, we’ve put together a guide which should help you get started with ATLauncher. Here at PwrDown, we also have many more Minecraft Guides, as well as Modpacks which you can browse.

Downloading & Installing the ATLauncher

To start, head to the ATLauncher Website. Our link will take you straight to the Downloads page. Scroll down a little, and you can find download links for ATLauncher on Windows, Mac OS & Linux, choose your platform.

After you’ve downloaded the file for your Operating System, you’ll need to move it into an empty folder. A good location for this would be a new folder on the Desktop. Once the file is in the folder, open it up and run it to install ATLauncher.

Anytime you want to open the ATLauncher, simply click the application file in the folder you created. This folder will also have a lot of new additional files.

Adding Your Minecraft Account

Before you can install and play any Modpacks, you’ll need to connect your Minecraft account to the ATLauncher. You can do that by pressing the ‘Accounts’ button on the right hand side of the launcher.

atlauncher add account
Accounts section of the ATLauncher

Enter your Minecraft Username and Password into the Launcher and save. You can trust the ATLauncher to keep your information secure. With the account added, we can now start installing and using modpacks.

Installing Modpacks in ATLauncher

Now it’s time to install your first modpack. You can browse through them by choosing the ‘Packs’ button, found on the right hand side of ATLauncher.

Installing a Modpack

There are some filters at the top of the window to search through all available packs. Once you’ve found a pack you like, choose either the ‘New Instance’ button to install a single player mode, or ‘Create Server’ button for multiplayer.

If you are planning on installing a Server, you will still need to install the Instance for that same modpack.

Playing Modpacks in ATLauncher

With a Modpack installed, you can now go ahead and play it. For single player, choose the Instances tab on the right hand side of the screen. Select your pack, and choose the ‘Play’ button to load Minecraft with all of the packs mods and configuration files.

Launch a Modpack

Likewise, to start the Modpack server, select the Servers tab on the right side of ATLauncher. Select your pack and press the Launch button to start up a server. You can’t connect to this server with Vanilla Minecraft. You’ll need to use the instance in ATLauncher.

Increasing RAM

Modpacks are a lot more demanding than Vanilla Minecraft. Some packs might contain over a hundred mods, and this will quickly eat up your resources and cause the game to lag. The easiest way to fix this would be by increasing the amount of RAM. 

Select the Instances tab in ATLauncher and find your pack. Choose the Settings button to start configuring the modpack. Here, you can adjust the amount of RAM that you assign to the modpack. The higher, the better. Although you should take a look at your computer settings first to see how much RAM you can actually give to Minecraft.

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