How to Duel in Borderlands 3


Just like in the previous game, you can duel and challenge other players and friends in Borderlands 3. There isn’t any consequences to the duel if you die, it’s all just a bit of harmless fun.

Although the option for actually starting a duel is quite hard to find. You’ll need to active it inside the emote wheel, which we are going to show you how to do below.

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Starting a Duel in Borderlands 3

To start a duel, you will need to open the Emote wheel. This is a new feature to Borderlands 3, where you can ping locations, open photo mode and start a duel. To open the wheel, hold down ‘Z’ on PC, or the ‘START’ button on a controller.

The Emote Wheel

Select the icon with the two swords. This will place down a challenge marker as seen on the image below which will feature your player head. These will time out in around 15 seconds, so the other player needs to be fast.

A Challenge/Duel marker

All the other person needs to do is interact with the marker and the duel will commence! 


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