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How to Eat in The Outer Worlds

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If you’re playing the Supernova difficulty in The Outer Worlds, then you’ve got some new survival mechanics to keep your eyes on. These are your hunger, thirst and sleep. 

Hunger Codex entry

According to the Codex entry, you need to eat every few hours in-game to prevent hunger and starvation. There are 4 different stages to hunger, with each stage reducing Strength, Charm and Perception. At the 4th stage, your character will die.

Below is a quick guide showing how to eat in TOW. For more guides & content for The Outer Worlds on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

Eating in The Outer Worlds

Start by opening up your inventory, you can do this by pressing TAB on PC, then choosing the ‘Inventory’ section. The first screen will show any weapons you are carrying, move over two tabs to the consumables section.

Eat items

Look for any food items in your inventory, and eat them by pressing the appropriate button for ‘Use’ on the bottom of the screen, which is F on PC. You can add food items to your hot bar at the top, then use them in-game by pressing the heal button (F on PC). 

Don’t have any food items? They can mostly be found on bodies and in loot containers in The Outer Worlds. However, you can purchase them from NPC stores, as well as vending machines for bits.

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