How to Enable the Console in The Forest

In The Forest, it’s possible to enter cheats and console commands to pretty much change the entire game. There are hundreds of different commands which can be entered, changing every little thing.

Whilst some of the commands can make you invincible, some will completely destroy your game. Likely forcing you to start over.

In this post, we’re going to show you how to turn on the console in The Forest. As well as some of the best and most useful console commands and cheats available. We have some more guides for The Forest available here.

How to Enable & Use the Console

To actually start inputting commands and cheats, we need to enable the console in The Forest. To do so, head to the main menu, where you can choose a new game, options etc. All you have to do, is whilst on the main menu, type developermodeon.

There wont be any indication that the console has been enabled. To test, you can press F1 to see if it opens. If it doesn’t work, try again. You can also check the games settings to see if cheats are enabled.

You will have to do this command each time you launch the game to enable the console. Now, you can go into your game and start using the console.

Best The Forest Cheats & Commands

Here are a list of commands which you can put into the console. If a command says on, it also has an off variant. Some commands can’t be reversed, so be careful. For a more detailed list of commands, check The Forest wiki.

  • buildermode on – Survival mode & Enemies will be disabled. Godmode and build hack will be enabled.
  • faststart on – Skips the plane crash scene at the start of the game.
  • godmode on – Enables god-mode, which removes all survival features, immune to damage and makes you immortal.
  • buildhack on – Provides unlimited resources and allows you to build quicker.
  • addallitems – Fills your inventory with every item in the game, except story items. Use addallstoryitems to add story items too.
  • survival on – Enables/disables survival mode, removing the urge to eat & drink.
  • save – Saves the game instantly
  • killallenemies – Will instantly kill all enemy cannibals and mutants, although they can re-spawn at a later point.
  • enemies on – Enables/disables enemies in the game. Essentially vegan mode
  • forcerain sunny – Changes the weather to be sunny
  • cutdowntrees 10 – Will cut down 10 trees, alternatively, you can can use a different number or even percentages.
  • speedyrun on – Makes your player move super fast, although you can take heavy damage and potentially die..
  • setdifficultymode peaceful – Changes the mode to peaceful, alternatively, you can set it to normal, hard, hardsurvival, standard or creative.
  • timescale 0 – Pauses the game time, press ESC twice to cancel.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride morning – Sets the time of day to morning, change morning to noon, sunset or night.
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