How to Equip Gadgets in Fortnite

how to equip gadgets on fortnite

One of the most important abilities and items in Fortnites Save the World mode would be your gadgets. You will unlock gadgets as you progress through the different skill trees, although they don’t automatically equip.

Gadgets help you in the heat of fights, providing massive bonuses to your party or calling down a barrage of rockets to take out huge amounts of husks. Obviously, you want to equip them as soon as possible as they are especially helpful when it comes to completing Storm Shield Defence missions.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to equip gadgets in Fortnites Save the World (PvE) mode. Meanwhile, we have more guides available for Fortnite here.

Equip Gadgets in Fortnite

To start, head into a lobby in Fortnite. The easiest one would be to just head to your Home base, as no other players will join. You will know you’re in a lobby when your screen looks like the one below. You will be able to see your character.

select your character fortnite lobby
Select your character in the lobby

Select your character, either by clicking or using the select button on your controller (likely A or X). One of the options will be ‘Select Gadgets’.

equip the gadgets of your choice
Choose ‘Select Gadgets’ and choose the gadgets you want to equip

When you choose this, you will be able to see a list of gadgets that you have currently unlocked. Select the gadgets of your choosing and head into the game! Remember that you can always change your gadgets in the lobby of any mission to suit the objective.


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