How To Find Barns In Forza Horizon 4


GamingHow To Find Barns In Forza Horizon 4

If you’ve just started playing Forza Horizon 4, you’re gonna have to give the game a bit of time before it presents you with its first barn. After putting in about 3-4 hours of gameplay doing story events, you’ll be prompted to open the map and you will find a large purple circle on the map.

Barn find circle
What a potential barn-find looks like

When that circle appears, you have to drive in it and search for a semi-circle shaped shed. When you get near it a cut scene will appear in which you’re shown the car in a rusty condition. The car is then taken back and restored after a while and you can then use it.

You can either cheat by searching online for the exact locations of the barns, but what’s the fun in that, right? Finding the barns yourself can take time but it sure is rewarding and I’ll now be discussing some tips that you can use to make the process less time-consuming!

Use a slow car or drive slowly

When trying to find a rather small, unmarked shed in the middle of trees and near cliffs, you don’t want to be speeding by everything. The best way to search the areas is to drive around at a slow speed and carefully observe your surroundings for buildings.

There may be more buildings in the barn-find area so you can’t just go to the first building you see. Look out for small round shaped buildings and go towards them.

Use the camera to search around you

While you’re driving in search of the barn, you can speed up the process by rotating the camera around the car and observing the area in a full 360-degree view. There have been cases where I drove by the shed very closely but didn’t see it.

If I had been using the camera more, I’d have saved a lot of time.

Drive straight through the barn circle in different directions

A neat trick that has helped me a bunch is by driving straight through the circle from different directions. Think of it as dividing a circle into equal parts. The lines that divide the circle are the paths you would want to take.

Ideally, drawing 3-4 lines between the circle should help you locate the barn fairly easily.

Don’t waste time looking in open spaces

If the area you’re searching is pretty open and you can’t find a semi-circle anywhere, go elsewhere. Typically, you will find the barns behind some sort of cliff or around trees. They will never be standing out in the open just waiting for you to accidentally drive by.

How do more barn-finds come up?

Just keep playing! As you progress through the game doing races, events, and free-roam, you’ll get notifications about some rumor of a car hidden somewhere and the suspected area will come up on your map.