How to Find Bee Nests & Hives in Minecraft


Bee Nests & Bee Hives are a new block added with Minecraft 1.15. They provide a house for up to 3 bees, where they will produce Honey which you can collect either as a Honeycomb or as a Jar of Honey.

Now, these two blocks are completely different. Whilst they serve the same purpose (to provide honey), Bee Nests will spawn naturally in the game world. Whereas Bee Hives will need to be made in a crafting table.

Below we’ve put together a short guide for finding Bee Nests and Bee Hives in Minecraft. For more Minecraft content and best-of lists, make sure to check out our dedicated Minecraft area here!

Finding Bee Hives & Bee Nests

As previously mentioned, the block you will be able to find is Bee Nests. These spawn naturally in the game world, specifically in the Plains, Sunflower Plains and Flower Forest Biomes. Thankfully, the Plains Biome is incredibly common.

Finding a Bee Nest

Bee Nests will always be found hanging from either an Oak or Birch tree in Minecraft. Keep a look out for some Bees flying around, that means there will be a Nest nearby. You can also follow the Bees back to their nest after they pollinate. 

Once you’ve found a Bee Nest, you can harvest it using a Silk Touch picaxe to take it home with you. You can also use a set of Shears to retrieve Honeycomb, or a Glass Bottle for a Jar of Honey.

Crafting a Bee Hive

If you don’t have a Silk Touch Pic-axe, you can instead craft Bee Hives yourself in a crafting table. However this will require you to have 3 Honeycomb already. In a crafting table, place 3 Honeycomb in the middle 3 slots and the rest of the slots should have wooden planks.

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