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How to Find Pillagers During a Minecraft Raid

In Minecraft 1.14, raiding became a mechanic in which Pillagers will swarm a Minecraft Village and attack the Villagers, trying to kill them all. It’s your job to defend the village from a raid for rewards.

However, sometimes Pillagers will just go missing. You’ll be stuck with a ‘1 enemy remaining’ counter at the top of the screen. It seems this is something Mojang might have guessed would happen, as they made it possible to find missing enemies.

For finding Pillagers, check out our quick guide below. For Minecraft guides and best-of lists, take a look at our dedicated area here!

Finding Pillagers

Due to Pillagers often going missing and being impossible to find, there is actually a method for finding them implemented in the game. It all starts with the bell.

Every Minecraft Village has a bell, it’s usually located at the centre of a village. If you can’t find Pillagers, stand near the bell and ring it. You will hear the loud ringing sound, but also an extra sound. 

The Bell in a Minecraft Village

Look around during this time, and Pillagers will glow. Not only Pillagers in your close proximity, but also ones in the distance. You will also be able to see them through walls and terrain. For example, on the image below, you can see a small pillager located behind the sandy mountain in the distance.

Glowing Pillagers in the distance

You can now go over and kill the Pillager that you’ve hopefully found. The only thing to note about this is that the part where all Pillagers become visible only lasts a few seconds, so you will need to repeatedly ring the bell probably as you search every direction.

If you still can’t find them, then it’s possible you are encountering a bug or glitch. You should possibly end the raid by changing your game mode to peaceful and then back to normal.

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