How to Get Free Atoms in Fallout 76 the Easy Way


GamingHow to Get Free Atoms in Fallout 76 the Easy Way

Will the entirety of Fallout 76 available to players, we get an in-depth look at how Bethesda’s new premium currency Atoms will work. And more importantly, how to get free Atoms in an easy way.

Atoms are a new currency in Fallout 76. When the game formally releases on November 14, players will be able to purchase Atoms with real-world cash through microtransactions. These Atoms can then be used to purchase new clothing options, emotes, camp structures, and more cosmetics for your character.

But you don’t have to pay money for Atoms. There are a number of ways to build up your own stash, free of charge. Here’s how to earn Atoms quickly and at no cost.

How You Earn Free Atoms

The player will be awarded free Atoms in the game for accomplishing certain tasks. This includes daily and weekly challenges, as well as character and one-time challenges. The daily and weekly challenges will reset and can be repeated after their allotted time, whereas the character and gameplay challenges can be completed once and once only.

fallout 76 Free Atoms Challenges

The first character you make, you’ll be raking in the Atoms, but you may find that they’re harder to come across over time. To truly earn free Atoms quickly, you should focus on the daily and weekly challenges.

Daily Challenges

As the name implies, daily challenges are tasks for the player to accomplish every real-world day. They’re usually smaller goals, due to their limited time frame, and yield smaller values of free Atoms. Totaling at 13 different tasks you can complete, they can yield as many as 200 Atoms every day. The list of challenges and their associated Atom values are displayed below.

  • Claim an owned Workshop: 40 Atoms
  • Consume 10 raw meat: 20 Atoms
  • Scrap a human skull: 10 Atoms
  • Take a photo while only wearing a hat: 20 Atoms
  • Level up: 10 Atoms
  • Boil 10 Water: 10 Atoms
  • Collect 100 wood: 20 Atoms
  • Kill a Scorched: 10 Atoms
  • Cook 5 soup: 10 Atoms
  • Revive an Ally: 10 Atoms
  • Harvest 5 Bloodleaf Plants: 10 Atoms
  • Kill 10 Feral Ghouls: 20 Atoms
  • Level up!: 10 Atoms

It’s important to note that you won’t always have access to all of these challenges every day. The available challenges vary from day to day, and you should check the challenge menu before going after them.

Weekly Challenges

Let’s say you’re ambitious and want even more. Then you can try the Weekly Challenges. These goals are usually more difficult or time-consuming to complete, rewarding more free Atoms than the daily ones as a result. These challenges will vary, as will their reward amounts, so it’s best to check the in-game challenge list for confirmations. Currently, here is the list of all known weekly challenges and their associated Atom rewards.

  • Complete 10 Events or Quests while in a Group: 40 Atoms
  • Gather 5 building supplies: 40 Atoms
  • Collect 250 wood.
  • Scrap junk to produce 50 Aluminium
  • Scrap junk to produce 50 Concrete
  • Scrap junk to produce 50 Copper
  • Scrap junk to produce 50 Fertiliser
  • Claim the Workshop: 30 Atoms
  • Kill 25 enemies in [LOCATION]: 30 Atoms
  • Kill 25 Scorched in [LOCATION]: 20 Atoms
  • Scrap or Craft 50 clothing, armor, or weapon items: 40 Atoms
  • Take 10 photos at the Workshop: 40 Atoms
  • Take photos in Abandoned Bogtown: 30 Atoms
  • Take photos in Beckley: 30 Atoms
  • Take photos in Charleston: 30 Atoms
  • Take photos in Clarksburg: 30 Atoms
  • Take photos in Flatwoods: 30 Atoms
  • Kill Feral Ghouls with Simple Weapons: 30 Atoms
  • Kill 6 Feral Ghouls with a Meat Hook
  • Kill 6 Feral Ghouls with a Machete or Chainsaw
  • Kill 6 Feral Ghouls with an Axe
  • Scrap the bones of a skeleton: 30 Atoms
    • Scrap 2 Arms
    • Scrap 2 foot bones
    • Scrap 2 hand bones
    • Scrap 2 femurs
    • Scrap a pelvis
    • Scrap some ribs
    • Scrap a skull
    • Scrap a spine
    • Scrap 2 tibia
  • Take Photos at Allegheny Asylum: 30 Atoms
  • Take Photos at Beckley Cemetery: 30 Atoms
  • Take Photos at Flatwoods Cemetery: 30 Atoms
  • Take Photos at Kanawha Church Cemetery: 30 Atoms
  • Take Photos at Responders Cemetery near Morgantown Airport: 30 Atoms
  • Trick or Treat!: 40 Atoms
    • Collect 50 Candy and Sweets while wearing a costume and mask.
    • Complete 5 events while wearing a mask and costume.
    • Harvest 50 pumpkins

Of course if you still want easy Atoms, you’ll have to pay for them.