How to Get Bad Omen Effect in Minecraft


Bad Omen is a player effect (or debuff) in Minecraft which was added in Minecraft 1.14. It can be obtained from Pillagers, and when owned, will cause raids to start at any village you visit. 

There are many reasons you might want to obtain Bad Omen. Maybe you want to test out the new raids, or get some of the rewards such as emeralds and cheaper villager trades. 

Below, you can read our guide for getting Bad Omen in both survival and creative mode. For more Minecraft content and best of lists, check out our Minecraft area here.

How to Get Bad Omen

Instead of getting Bad Omen realistically, you can get it by entering a command. With cheats enabled, enter the following command: /effect give @e bad_omen

To get Bad Omen without cheating, you will need to head to a Pillager Outpost. Outposts are new structures which where added in Minecraft 1.14, the Village & Pillage Update. Unfortunately, they are quite difficult to find as they spawn around every thousand blocks or so.

An Outpost

There is no easy way to find them. However, they are quite tall, so when you are exploring, keep a look out for the structures which should be visible on the horizon. Outposts hold many Pillagers, an enemy mob who you’ll need to fight. 

Pillagers with the Raid Captain

The enemy that you certainly need to kill is the Raid Captain. Raid Captains look unique, as they will carry a banner above their head, like on the screenshot above. Although they will look different, as I’m using a resource pack. Once you kill a Raid Captain, you will have the Bad Omen effect.

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Carrying the Bad Omen effect

You can check your inventory to see if the effect is active. If it is, you won’t be able to enter any village without a raid starting. You can remove Bad Omen in Minecraft by drinking a bucket of milk, then it’s safe to explore villages. 

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