How to Get Bells in Minecraft


Bells are an integral part to any Minecraft Village. They provide a gathering area, where Villagers will often relax and talk to each-other. They also help during raids, as they signify that a raid is happening and when rung, Villagers will head indoors where it’s safe.

They’re a new block, added alongside the Village and Pillage Update for Minecraft 1.14. Currently, they can’t be crafted in Minecraft. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t obtain them naturally though without stealing them.

Below, we’ve put together a guide showing multiple methods for obtaining Bells in Minecraft. To check out some more guides and best-of lists, check out our dedicated Minecraft Guides area here!

How to Get a Bell in Minecraft

There are two ways to get Bells in Minecraft. One involves stealing, and the other is obtaining one legally. Starting with stealing, Bells can be found in every Minecraft Village you come across, usually in the centre. 

Bells in a Village (not naturally spawned)

I wouldn’t recommend taking a bell from a village that you frequently visit. Bells provide an area where Villagers will often gather and communicate, and if a raid is about to happen, a bell needs to be rung to tell Villagers to get inside to safety. That’s why you should try and obtain one without stealing.

With the introduction of Minecraft 1.14, Villagers can now have professions. One of these professions is the Armorer, who requires a Blast Furnace to work (and exist). Trade with an Armorer until you read Apprentice level. After reaching Apprentice level, one of the trades will be the bell, which will cost 36 Emeralds without a discount. 

Trading a Bell at a Villager

Take the bell home, or to the village which you are currently creating and place it down. You can ring it to either gather Villagers, or ring it when a raid is about to start. Bells also increase the chances of Iron Golems spawning, as Villagers will gossip about them around the bell.

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