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After finishing a Temtem battle, chances are your fighters might have taken a few hits. If their damage is low, then they’ll need to be healed so that they’re ready for the next fight.

When you go into the next fight without healing, your Temtem will still have the same lower health, and will be more susceptible to getting knocked out completely. Luckily, there are a few ways of healing Temtem which you can read below.

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Healing Temtem

The first way to heal up your Temtem is by using food and medicine items. These can be found in containers, as well as purchased from a Temporium. Head into your inventory and select an item that heals. In-game, the most common healing item would be the Balm, which restores 25HP by default.

temtem food
Using food items

These can be used at any point in the game world. However, inside of a battle, they can only be used when it’s your turn, and it will use up that move. The next way to heal Temtem is by using Healtem Stations. 

healing temtem station
A HealTem Station

These are machines, which when interacted with, will heal all of the Temtem in your current squad. It’s free, only takes a few seconds and can be done at any time. HealTem Stations can be found inside of a Temporium, which is the store inside of towns. 

The only downside to HealTem Stations is that they are often out the way, and difficult to get to unless you’re already close to a town, or have some Smoke Bombs.

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