How to Hide Companion Helmets in The Outer Worlds


Companions really shine in The Outer Worlds, they have a lot of character and personality. However once you begin to equip them with armor, their faces won’t be visible and you won’t even know who you’re talking to as all their unique features become invisible.

Thankfully, The Outer Worlds developers thought of this, and provided an option for you to hide any helmets you equip onto companions. We’ve seen a few people asking how to hide helmets, so thought we’d provide a quick guide.

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Hide Companion Helmets

Start by opening up the Settings area from the main menu. You can do this by pressing ESC on PC, or the Start button on a controller.

Open the Settings menu

In here, you can change your graphic, audio, controls and Gameplay settings. Head on over to the Gameplay tab.

Uncheck Show Companion Helmets

One of the options is ‘Show Companion Helmets’. When unchecked, your Companions heads and faces will be visible at all times. There is also a checkbox to do this for your own character, if you wish. 

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