How to Hijack Vehicles in Borderlands 3


One of the early missions that you will receive in Borderlands 3 given by Ellie is to hijack a vehicle from some nearby enemies. It’s a new mechanic to Borderlands 3, which involves hijacking and scanning vehicles so that you can unlock new parts and cosmetics.

However Hijacking seems a little complicated at first, especially as there are just vehicles driving ferociously around a race track. In this guide, we’re going to give you a brief run-down of hijacking vehicles in Borderlands 3.

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Hijacking Vehicles in Borderlands 3

Even though it might seem a little complicated at first, it’s actually really simple. When you are at the race track, you need to get close enough to one of the vehicles so that you’re basically within touching distance.

Wait for the vehicle to get close

Once the vehicle is close enough, or you’ve dashed to it, you can interact with it to Hijack. Your character will throw out any enemies and take control of the vehicle which you can now drive.

A Hijack in progress

Once you have taken control of the vehicle, you can take it to any catch-a-ride station in Borderlands 3 to have Ellie scan it. Any parts on the vehicle that you don’t own will become unlocked.

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