How to Increase Homebase Power in Fortnite

fortnite how to increase homebase power level

In Fortnites Save the World mode, one of the stats that you constantly have to work on is your Homebase Power. You can check its current level in the client in the top left corner of the game, near a lightning icon.

Your Homebase Power level determines how strong your heroes are and what sort of missions you can play. The higher level the mission, the better the rewards usually. Thankfully, actually increasing your Homebase Power is pretty simple.

Below, we have a guide which should help you in Fortnites Save the World mode. Meanwhile, we have more guides available for both modes (including Battle Royale) here.

Increase Homebase Power in PvE

One of the most important and easiest ways to increase your Homebase Power is to slot survivors into your survivor squads. To do this, press the ‘Squads’ button at the top of the screen in Fortnite PvE and choose Survivor Squads.

assign survivors to survivor squads for homebase power level
Survivor Squads massively increase Homebase Power level

Before clicking Survivor Squads, you can see your F.O.R.T stats and bonuses that your survivors are currently providing. When you are in the Survivor Squads menu, you can see all of the different teams such as EMT, Gadgeteers, Training Team and more.

Look for any empty slots, and put it some of your best and most relevant survivors. You can also level up your slotted survivors (which you should, especially legendary ones) to also increase your homebase power.

You can unlock more slots for each teams by unlocking the right nodes in the skill tree. Just look out for “Unlocks slot in the gadgeteers”. The icons for unlocking survivor slots on a skill tree is a square which a person inside, with a + symbol on top. Slotted survivors also provide bonuses to each-other if you slot the correct ones, so keep your eye on that too.

Increase F.O.R.T stats

Finally, you can increase your F.O.R.T stats as you unlock nodes and do new research. F.O.R.T stands for Fortitude, Offence, Resistance and Tech. These all contribute towards your Homebase Power depending on how much of each you have.

In the skill tree, some nodes will just add to one of the stats. Whilst research will mostly add to all of them. Whilst it’s not as effective as keeping your survivor squads up to date, it’s still mandatory. You earn research points passively, even whilst offline. Just head into the research tree and start unlocking items which increase your F.O.R.T amounts.

research tree increase homebase power level
Using the research tree to increase F.O.R.T stats

The image above shows that if I research a Tech node for 2700 research points, it will provide +5 tech stats. This will help increase my Homebase Power slightly.

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