Fallout 4 ENB Guide: How to Install, Configure, Add Presets and Close


Fallout 4Fallout 4 GuidesFallout 4 ENB Guide: How to Install, Configure, Add Presets and Close

In this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about ENB’s in Fallout 4. If you have a PC capable of running an ENB, then it’s always worth it, as it’s the easiest and best way to dramatically change the appearance of the game.

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What is an ENB?

An ENB is a modification which dramatically effects the appearance of games it’s added too. Currently, it’s compatible with games such as Skyrim, GTA, Oblivion, Oblivion and many more. It mostly works by changing the configurations of shadows, lighting and also adds post-effects such as film grain and blur.

How to Install an ENB on Fallout 4

This is a quick guide for installing ENB with Fallout 4. For more detailed instructions, read the other sections below.

  • Download the latest version of ENB from the main website.
  • Open the ZIP File, then the ‘Wrapper Version’ folder.
  • Highlight all the files and place them in your Fallout 4 main game directory.
  • ENB is now installed. Configure it in-game by pressing the tilde ‘~’ key, or by pressing SHIFT and ENTER at the same time.
  • Alternatively, you can download a preset from NexusMods. Download a preset and drop the files in your main directory, overwriting any files necessary. 

Download the ENB Main Files

First, you need to download the actual ENB. Head to the Fallout 4 ENB website, and download the latest version. At the time of this post, the latest version is ENB v0.393. Just hit the ‘Download’ button at the bottom of the screen.

A screenshot taken with ENB enabled

The ENB will begin to download in a .ZIP file. Inside is a folder called WrapperVersion, open this. There will be a load of files inside which are mostly .DLL, .FX etc. Highlight all of these and drop them into the main directory of Fallout 4. You don’t have to move the ‘license_en.txt’ and ‘readme_en.txt’ files.

How to Find the Fallout 4 Directory

If you have already copied the files into your Fallout 4 directory, you can skip this step. Open up Steam, go to your Library and look for Fallout 4. Right click it from the list, choose Manage and then Browse Local Files.

This should open up your Fallout 4 install directory. It’s in here that you wan’t to install the main ENB files. Now that you’ve installed ENB, we need to install a preset.

Install an ENB Preset

NexusMods is the best place to find ENB Presets. They have an ENB section, where you can sort it by most popular. With some of the most popular choices being PhotoRealistic Commonwealth, Vogue ENB and Pilgrim.

Download any of these presets manually through NexusMods. You’ll get another .ZIP file. These are mostly .ini files and an enbseries folder. Again, just drag these files into your Fallout 4 directory, overwriting any files it asks about.

When you run Fallout 4, your ENB will be installed and the game should look different! Read below on how to configure the ENB settings.

Configuring the ENB In-Game

When you’re in-game, there are a few buttons you can press which will let you change the ENB settings. By default, the tilde key ‘~’ should open up the settings, however it could also be SHIFT + ENTER. 

ENB Settings menu

In these menus, you can enable, disable and change all the settings you need. You can change depth of field, bloom, lighting, color correction and more. Just make sure you apply your settings and save your changes by pressing the top-most button.

To close the ENB menu, just press the same key you pressed to open it.

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