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Potions of Weakness are incredibly powerful Potions in Minecraft. They give a buff which will reduce the amount of damage dealt from those it’s applied to. By turning it into a Splash Potion, you have a much higher chance of defeating your enemies in PvP.

In this Minecraft guide, we’re going to show you how to brew a Potion of Weakness. Even though this guide was made on Java Edition, it’s suitable for all Minecraft versions including Xbox, PS4 & Bedrock Edition. We’ve covered many more in-depth Minecraft Guides like this one here at PwrDown!

What You Need to Craft a Splash Potion of Weakness

There are a few ingredients and materials you will need to brew a Splash Potion of Weakness. You will need:

  1. A Brewing Stand: Used to craft any type of potion in Minecraft, requires Cobblestone and a single Blaze Rod.
  2. Cauldron: A cauldron is optional, but extremely useful. You can fill it up with a bucket of water, which is enough to then fill 3 Glass Bottles. A Cauldron is made out of 7 Iron Ingots in a ‘U’ shape.
  3. Glass Bottles: At least 3, these should either be empty or full of water already. If they’re empty, then you’ll need access to a water source. 3 Bottles can be made using 3 Glass Blocks in a triangular shape in a Crafting Table.
  4. Blaze Powder: This is what you’ll use to power the Brewing Stand. You can get it by placing 1 Blaze Rod into a crafting table, where you will receive 2 Blaze Powder back.
  5. Fermented Spider Eyes: A Fermented Spider Eye is the core ingredient in a Potion of Weakness. It can be collected by placing a Brown Mushroom, Sugar & a single Spider Eye into a Crafting Table.
  6. Gunpowder: If you want to make Splash Potions which you can throw, then you will also need a single piece of Gunpowder, which can easily be obtained from Creepers.

How to Craft a Brewing Stand

Before you can get started crafting any type of Potions in Minecraft, you will need a ‘Brewing Stand’. It’s a type of block that’s used to create Potions, Splash Potions and Lingering Potions. 

minecraft brewing stand recipe
Recipe for a Brewing Stand

Luckily, the recipe for a Brewing Stand is quite cheap. All it requires is 3 Cobblestone and a single Blaze Rods. You can get a Blaze Rod by killing a ‘Blaze’ in the Nether, which is a flying mob, found inside Nether Fortress’. They have a chance of dropping one. Once crafted, place the Brewing Stand down anywhere you can access it.

How to Get Fermented Spider Eyes

To make one Potion of Weakness, you’ll need at least one Fermented Spider Eye. These aren’t too difficult to make, and shouldn’t require you going to dangerous areas or entering Minecraft’s Nether world.

fermented spider eye recipe
Crafting recipe for a Fermented Spider Eye

You will require a Spider Eye, a Brown Mushroom and some Sugar. Kill Spiders which spawn at night to get a Spider Eye. Brown Mushrooms can be found growing in both the Overworld and the Nether (check Swamps in the Overworld). Sugar can be retrieved by putting Sugar Cane into a Crafting Table, which grows near water. Put them all into the crafting menu together to get a Fermented Spider Eye.

How to Brew a Potion of Weakness

Now that you have all the ingredients, it’s time to make a Potion of Weakness (which can be turned into a Splash Potion later). First, open up the Brewing Stand and insert the 3 Water Bottles (fill up 3 empty bottles with water) into the bottom slots. Then insert the Blaze Powder into the left-most slot.

brewing the potion
Brewing the Potion of Weakness

Finally, add the Fermented Spider Eye into the top-center slot. Hopefully, your Brewing Stand interface will look similar to my screenshot above. Let the progress bar fill up, and the 3 Water Bottles will turn into Potions of Weakness. 

Turning Them into Splash Potions

Now as they are, you can only drink these Potions, they can’t be thrown. If you want to make them throwable, they’ll need to be turned into Splash Potions. Leave the Potions of Weakness in the bottom slots, and add a single piece of Gunpowder to the top slot, where we originally inserted the Fermented Spider Eye.

making splash potions
Turning them into Splash Potions

Again, wait for the progress bar to complete, and the Potions of Weakness will now be ‘Splash Potions of Weakness’. This means you can now throw them at any mob or enemy as you please.

Potion of Weakness Effects

After hitting someone with a Potion of Weakness (or drinking it yourself) in Minecraft, the player or enemy will have their melee damage reduced by 4. On Bedrock Edition, this is changed to 0.5.

There are two durations for the Potion of Weakness. The effect lasts for 1 minutes and 30 seconds by default. However, by adding Redstone Dust to the potion in the Brewing Stand, this can be extended, making the effect last for 4 minutes.

Splash Potion of Weakness with Commands

You can also spawn Splash Potions of Weakness in Minecraft with the use of commands. This will give you the actual potion object, and not the effect. 

  1. Java Edition over 1.13: /give @p splash_potion{Potion:”minecraft:weakness”} 1
  2. Java Edition over 1.9: /give @p splash_potion 1 0 {Potion:”minecraft:weakness”}
  3. Pocket Edition: /give @p splash_potion 1 34
  4. Xbox: /give @p splash_potion 1 34
  5. PS4: /give @p splash_potion 1 34
  6. Nintendo Switch: /give @p splash_potion 1 34
  7. Windows 10 Edition: /give @p splash_potion 1 34
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