How to Make CSGO Run Faster & Increase FPS


GamingHow to Make CSGO Run Faster & Increase FPS

If you’re struggling with lag and FPS problems in CSGO, you’re going to need to solve them quickly. This post is specifically about hardware lag, which is where you are getting a low amount of frames and everything is stuttering.

When you first launch Counter Strike, make sure to go into a death match or casual game before playing a competitive game. Doing this is important, as it lets you work out whether you are going to be suffering from low FPS, lag or high ping.

You can then leave the casual game and solve them instead of facing penalties in the competitive mode. Otherwise, you will have to play out an entire competitive game with unbearable lag.

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Steps for fixing lag in CSGO

Here are some steps to fixing lag in CSGO on PC & Steam. It’s important to note that it’s completely dependant on your setup and hardware.

  1. Go into the Graphics Settings of CSGO and set everything to the lowest possible setting. This will provide the biggest FPS boost.
  2. Check if you have any apps or programs in the background that could be using up your resources. This includes video streaming and virus scans.
  3. Lower the resolution down to a value lower than your monitor. It will provide a significant increase in FPS at the cost of graphical quality.
  4. Try assigning more resources to CSGO with the task manager.

Other potential fixes

If none of the steps above work, it’s likely that you need to upgrade some components of your PC. Upgrading your GPU will provide the biggest FPS boost. Some people may make the common mistake of plugging their display cable into the integrated graphics port instead of the graphics card, which can cause major stuttering and FPS drops.

If you are playing on a laptop, you likely aren’t able to upgrade unfortunately. Make sure that you followed the steps above and that you have good airflow.

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