How to make money online playing Mobile Games in 2018


GamingHow to make money online playing Mobile Games in 2018

Make money online playing Mobile Games with AppKarma

Recently, we partnered up with AppKarma, a company who provide you with Gift Cards for playing games & apps on your mobile device. AppKarma is available for both Android and iOS.

As we are verified partners, users who signup through PwrDown will receive a 500 point bonus, compared to 300 points for regular users. You can sign up here, or download the app yourself and enter the referrer code PwrDown for a 500 Point Bonus. It’s important to note that the iOS version doesn’t involve an app, and you will need to be invited to gain access. Either find someone who has access to iOS, or use the link above and follow the steps.

Rewards & Gift Cards from AppKarma

AppKarma offers many different types of rewards, mainly in the form of gift cards. Most peoples first choice will be PayPal, where they can redeem their points straight into a bank account. Many more options are available though, including:

AmazonXbox Live
Google PlayeBay
Panera  BreadRixty
IMVUPlayStation Store

Most of these brands may seem unknown to you if you aren’t from the USA. Not to worry, in the top right of the app you can choose rewards that are tailored specifically for your country. If you’re like me, one of my favourite ways of redeeming is Steam so I can buy myself a game!

One thing AppKarma offers that other similar services don’t is a 5% return on any rewards redeemed. For example, if you cashed out 10,000 points, you would instantly receive 5% back into your balance, which would be 500 points. This helps encourage you to keep on earning and help you work towards redeeming your next gift card!

Offers & Earning points within AppKarma

appkarma get paid to play mobile games in 2018 list of offers and games

There are many different ways of increasing your points inside AppKarma, which will help you earn money and gift cards. The first method is doing the default tasks. These include checking in daily, watching tutorials, liking on Facebook and entering referrer codes. These tasks will offer you a few hundred points total. Entering a referral code will give you 300 Points. Enter PwrDown to get 500 points instead of 300.

Obviously the main way to make money with AppKarma is to play the apps and games that are required. Some of these games and apps will pay thousands of points for reaching a certain level. One I can specifically see offers a 5000 point reward, which is instantly enough to redeem a gift card. Once you’ve installed and played a game, by keeping it on your device you’ll be taking part in ‘Karma Plays’. You will earn extra daily rewards just for playing the apps that you’ve installed through AppKarma on other days.

There is at least 50 offers at any given time, for me at least. More than enough to redeem multiple gift cards and make money actually playing some mobile games! For completing tasks inside AppKarma, you can earn badges and achievements. These can be earned for redeeming your first gift card, logging in X amount of days etc. Each badge earned will increase your rewards level, meaning you earn up to 12.5% Points bonus for every offer!

Finally, you can complete quizzes which can earn you around 50 points each, and watch videos towards the bottom of the app which also give a nice bonus.

AppKarma is one of the best rewards apps I’ve seen yet for iOS and Android. It really benefits returning & loyal users. Most other apps don’t offer daily logins, percentage bonuses or 5% return on all cash outs. Give AppKarma a try and see if it’s worth it for you!

Soon, AppKarma and PwrDown might just be hosting some giveaways together for our readers so stay tuned!

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