How to make a Spear in The Forest

the spear the forest

The Spear is a weapon inside The Forest, which is great for fighting off cannibals. Originally, the Spear couldn’t be crafted in-game and had to be found. However, the developers gave the item a crafting recipe during patch 0.37.

There are 3 different attack modes with the spear. You can either attack directly in-front of you, down towards the ground or throw the spear at an enemy. A great attack move for when Cannibals are fleeing.

  1. To hit directly ahead of you, you need to attack similar to how you do with an axe. Don’t aim the spear high or low.
  2. Hitting downwards is simple, all you have to do is look down. This attack is useful for hitting low down enemies such as turtles and rabbits. Whilst it can also be used to finish off any dying cannibals.
  3. Finally, you can throw the spear by holding right click. Left clicking will launch the spear forwards, whilst simply letting go of right click will just stop the motion.

Some tips to know are that when using a Spear, you can kill deer by throwing it at them in one shot. Being able to run and use the spear at the same time makes killing smaller animals much easier, such as turtles. It’s a great tool for farming meat and keeping your character full on hunger.

throwing a spear the forest
Throwing a Spear

If you’re going to use the Spear as your primary weapon in The Forest, you’re going to need to know how to obtain it. Below, we’ll show you how to find and craft a Spear. Check out some more guides for The Forest on PwrDown.

Crafting a Spear

Creating a Spear can definitely be done within the first few minutes of game-play in The Forest. To craft it, all you need is 2 sticks which can be obtained from bushes and searching the ground. Combine the two sticks in your backpack to obtain a Weak Spear.

spear crafting recipe the forest
Crafting the Spear

To create an Upgraded Spear, you will need to combine your weak spear with 2 pieces of cloth and 3 bones. An upgraded spear will do slightly more damage than the weak spear, except when it is thrown.

Finally, you can upgrade it once more to create an Incendiary Spear. It can be created by merging your Upgraded Spear with 1 Cloth and 1 Booze. Hitting an enemy or animal with this type of spear will inflict burn damage to them.


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