How to melt Snow in This War of Mine

How to melt snow in this war of mine
This War of Mine gameplay

When Winter hits in This War of Mine, it’s possible to boil snow to turn it into water. Something you very much need to survive. If the method below doesn’t work, you may need to upgrade your stove. Turning Snow into Water is one of the fastest ways to get water in This War of Mine, faster than a water collector.

Firstly, you can collect snow from outside the front of the house by interacting with it. You can choose to make snow, so do so. Once you have collected the snow, you can take it back inside to the stove, where it can be turned into water. You can click the Water Droplet icon to do this part.

To actually turn the Snow into Water at the stove in This War of Mine, you will need 1 filter, 1 piece of snow and 1 bit of fuel. You can ONLY melt snow during Winter. Once Winter has ended, it becomes impossible and the option disappears.


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