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If you come across a Bee Nest in Minecraft, it’s probable that you’ll want to take it home with you to start your own Bee Hive and begin collecting Honey. Whilst it’s completely possible, it’s not something you’ll likely be able to do at the start of the game.

The reasoning for this is because you will require a Silk Touch Pickaxe. Silk Touch is an enchantment, which you won’t be able to get until you have a full enchantment table and room set-up. 

Either way, we’ve put together a guide which will show you where to find Bee Nests, how to collect them and how to craft your own. For more Minecraft content and best-of lists, make sure to check out our dedicated Minecraft area here!

Collecting Bee Nests

If you don’t know where to find Bee Nests, look in the Plains, Sunflower Plains and Flower Forest Biomes. They can be found hanging from Birch and Oak trees. Look for Bees flying nearby, they will fly back to their Nest repeatedly, so follow them.  

A naturally spawning Bee Nest

As previously mentioned, you will require a Pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment. All you have to do is mine the Bee Nest. Although it’s likely you will be attacked by the Bees of the nest, you will have to kill them. 

Collecting a Bee Nest

If you don’t have Silk Touch, you can craft Bee Hives instead. However these require 3 Honeycomb which will need to be collected from naturally spawning Bee Nests using a pair of Shears. 

Crafting a Bee Hive

Use 6 planks and 3 Honeycomb to craft a Bee Hive. You will also likely need to bring some bees back with you so they start producing Honey. 

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