How to Move Overwatch to Another Drive


In Overwatch, it’s completely possible to move the game to a different drive on your computer. Luckily, you are able to do this through the client, so that you don’t have to uninstall and reinstall the game.

The main reason that you might want to do something like this is mainly if you’ve got a new hard drive. If you’ve just added an SSD to your System, you might want to put Overwatch on there so that it loads up faster.

You can check our quick guide below for moving Overwatch to a different drive. Whilst we have covered a few more guides for Overwatch which can be found here.

Move Overwatch Location

The first thing we need to do is move the actual folder. To do this, open the Overwatch section in the Battle.Net Launcher. Near the top left under the games logo, choose ‘Game Options’, then ‘Show in Explorer’.

open game settings
Open ‘Game Settings’

You will be taken to the installation location of Overwatch. Right click the folder and choose ‘Cut’. Head to where you want to move the game to, right click and choose ‘Paste’. Now that we’ve actually moved the folder, we need to correct the location in the launcher.

The Battle.Net Launcher will think the game has been uninstalled. Therefor, we want to hit the ‘Install’ button again. However this time, change the Installation Location. Set it to the location where you just pasted Overwatch.

Press Install. The bar at the bottom may say ‘Updating’. After around a minute, the play button will be available. Overwatch is now playable from your other drive or location!

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