How to Open those Locked Containers in Borderlands 3


GamingHow to Open those Locked Containers in Borderlands 3

In Borderlands 3, it’s likely that you’ll come across some locked containers. They don’t look like normal chests, more like cabinets/wardrobes. Being quite tall in height, it’s no wonder you’re curious as to what’s inside. They’re called ‘Dead Drop Caches’.

The Locked Containers (Dead Drop Cache)

The good news is that you can unlock these containers really easily. All it involves is finding Typhon Logs. Now, finding Typhon Logs is actually part of an area challenge (which you can check by looking at the map). In The Droughts for example, you will need to find 3 Typhon Logs before you can unlock the container.

A Typhon Log

The easiest way to find Typhon Logs is simply by exploring the entire map. When you are close enough to a log, a small minimap icon will appear. Interact with the log and listen to it to make progress in the challenge.

Once the Typhon Log Challenge is completed, you’ll have a challenge to open the Dead Drop Cache. You will also be shown a minimap icon for the location of it. Inside the container, you will find loot such as guns, shields and grenade mods.

Keep checking your challenges to see how many logs you need to find. Doing challenges is a great way to earn Eridium too so that you can buy new cosmetic items from Crazy Earl.

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