How to Play Minecraft 1.15 Early on PC


Minecraft 1.15 is a major upcoming update to the game on PC & Consoles. There is no release date confirmed yet, but we know that it’s coming soon.

Not much is known yet about the update and what it includes. However, what we do know is that one of the main features is the addition of Bees. If you’re itching to check out what’s coming in 1.15, well you’re in luck!

Below, we’ve put together a quick guide for how to play Minecraft 1.15 right now on PC/Java Edition. For more Minecraft Guides & Best-of content, check out our dedicated Minecraft area here.

Playing Minecraft 1.15

This guide is specifically for Minecraft on PC, and the Java Edition. Therefor, to start, you will need to open up your Minecraft Launcher. 

Turn on Snapshots

At the top of the screen, choose the ‘Installations’ button. Now in the top right, ensure that the ‘Snapshots’ option is checked. Snapshots are preview versions of Minecraft, allowing you to play future versions of the game before they are publicly released as a main version.

Open the ‘Latest Snapshot’ version for 1.15

Go back to the Minecraft Launcher home screen and choose the ‘Latest Snapshot’ option at the bottom of the screen in the drop-down menu. This will allow you to start playing Minecraft 1.15 now with all features currently included, just press the Play button.

It’s important to note that this isn’t the final version of 1.15, just what Mojang are ready to show you. It’s possible and likely that many things will be added, removed and changed before 1.15 goes completely public.

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