How to quit League of Legends

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Quitting League of Legends

There are a lot of people who currently feel trapped playing League of Legends, no longer getting any enjoyment from it. This is understandable, as games usually last up to 40 minutes and are a place for what seems to be some of the worlds most toxic people to suddenly group together. It’s a lot easier for people to talk smack from a few hundred miles away than to your face.

A game inside League of Legends can be over within the first 10 minutes, but it will still last 40 minutes. Some people will say “it’s not over until it’s over” or something of the likes, but we know they’re wrong. These are by far some of the most demoralising games you can experience and feel like a massive waste of time.

You need to sit back and question, is it time to quit League of Legends?

Reasons you might feel like quitting League of Legends

Too toxic of a community

It can’t be denied that League of Legends has possibly one of the most toxic communities i existence. It’s too easy for players to forget that the person they are flaming at is another person, and not some game character as they see. Toxic players also massively increase your chance of loosing the game, as players begin to stop focusing.

Game length

Most games last at least 30 minutes most of the time, and usually go up to at least 40. Completing a full game in League of Legends takes a long time, and you have to play a lot of games to climb the ladder. It certainly can feel like a waste of time, and that you could be doing more productive things.

Take it as a spectator sport

This is something that is becoming much more common amongst a lot of players, myself included. You don’t have to stop playing League of Legends completely, you can just take it up as a spectator sport like Football/Soccer. Still watch your favourite YouTubers, Twitch Streamer and pro matches and you will still feel a part of the game, minus all of the negatives.

How to quit League of Legends worlds 2017

Delete or Deactivate your League of Legends account

If you can restrain yourself, just try and log out of your League of Legends account and don’t look back. Maybe you want a short break, or to quit permanently. However, if you can’t restrain from going back to League of Legends and definitely do want to quit, it is possible to deactivate & delete your account.

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According to the Riot Games FAQ, there are some differences between Account Deletion and Account Deactivation.

Account deletions will permanently delete all the information associated to your account, including username, Summoner name, email address, and purchase history. The account will no longer exist and will never be accessible again. This process is irreversible. Riot Games

Account deactivation will restrict access to your account, but all of your account’s data will be untouched. No one will be able to log into the account while it is deactivated and your information will remain on our database. This process is reversible at any time upon request. Please note that account deactivation will NOT prevent your ranking from decaying.Riot Games

To delete your League of Legends account, you will need to contact Riot Support. Once you choose to delete your account, it can never be recovered.

Find a new game to replace League of Legends

If you are in fact officially done with League of Legends, there is nothing stopping you from filling that void. Some games that are similar to League of Legends which I could probably recommend would be

Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Another competitive game (if you want it to be). This time, in the form of a first person shooter. One of the biggest games right now that resides with League of Legends, and actually quite fun.

Overwatch – Overwatch is Blizzard’s latest hit, which is another first person shooter. It feels much more new & polished compared to League of Legends. Games don’t last anywhere near as long either.

Heroes of the Storm – HOTS is another Blizzard game, this time taking the form of a MOBA. Which is the same as League of Legends. It isn’t anywhere near as competitive as League of Legends, but a really fun game none the less.

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