How to Rename a Character in Borderlands 3


In Borderlands 3, you are able to change the name of your character at any time. There isn’t much reason to do this though other than for immersion or simply not having multiple characters with the same name.

All it does is change how your character appears on a few menus and on the home screen where you load them in.

But, if it’s still something you’d like to do, we’re going to show you how! For more Borderlands 3 Guides & Best-of content for PS4, PC and Xbox One, make sure to check out our dedicated area here

Changing Your Character Name

To rename a character, you will need to find a Quick Change machine. One can be found right inside Crimson Command, where Lilith is currently residing at the start of the game. Interact with it to open up the menu.

Open the quick change machine

The Quick Change machine is the central location for character customisation. Inside, you can change your head, skin, color, emote, echo themes, respec and character name. To change your character name, check the bottom left corner.

Change your name

If you’re playing on PC, all you have to do is place your cursor in this box and type a new name. The changes will save automatically and there is no charge. You can also come back at any time and change your name again.


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