How to Rotate Stairs in Fortnite

how to rotate stairs in fortnite

Whether you’re playing Fortnites PvP mode (Battle Royale) or PvE (Save the World), you are going to need to know how to rotate stairs. Whilst this sounds like a pointless article, some people struggle with turning stairs around.

If you have just built an upwards ramp or staircase, or you are stuck on a sky bridge, you need to work your way down. The only way to get back down is to go back the way you came, or build a downwards staircase.

Below, we will quickly show you how to rotate stairs in Fortnite to go down. Meanwhile, we have more guides available for Fortnite here.

Rotate Stairs in Fortnite

If you find yourself in a similar situation to the screenshot below, you need to build reverse stairs. Or downwards facing ones. Thankfully, it’s a simple task and one that sort of explains itself.

fortnite stairs sky bridge down
Standing on the top of a sky bridge in Fortnite

Start building stairs like you normally would. However, before actually building/placing them, you need to rotate them. On PC, the default key to do this is R, whilst it varies on console depending on what preset you are using.

Go ahead and check your console settings to see which button rotates. It will likely say on the stairs like it does on the screenshot below. The stairs wont actually connect unless you are looking at the edge of the stairs like below, then they will point downwards.

point the stairs down and rotate them
Rotate the stairs and connect them to go down

You can go ahead and start running down the stairs and building as you go, as they will default to pointing down. You may need to rotate the stairs again to get them to default to facing the right way up.

Rotate Ground Stairs

If you’re looking to rotate stairs that are on the ground, use the image below as a reference.

rotate stairs on the ground
Rotate by dragging between two rectanges

With stairs already placed on the ground, edit them by pressing G on PC. Or whatever the button is on your controller. To rotate the stairs, drag between the two middle squares to do so quickly. There are 4 mini squares, which are in the centre of each side, drag between two of them that are parallel to choose a rotation direction.


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