How to Save & Record Highlights in League of Legends

Save Highlights to show friends


In the past, you had to use external software such as Fraps in order to record highlights from the game. Obviously, you want to try and save any crazy plays or penta kills that you might of made.

With the introduction of replays to League of Legends, players can now record highlights easily by simply pressing a record button or using a hotkey. Files will be saved as .webm where they can be uploaded to video sharing sites or shared with friends.

Below, you can check out our guide for saving highlights easily with the new client. Whilst we have some more guides for League of Legends available!

Saving a Replay

Before being able to save highlights, you’ll need to save a replay of the game. You can do this by heading to your match history, found under the profile section. Press the download replay button found to the right of the match.

save a match replay
Save a match

Once the match replay has been downloaded, it will turn into a play button. Press that to be shown a replay of the game, where you can start creating your own highlights.

Making a Highlight

Once in game, you can start recording a highlight by pressing the record button located near the timeline. Or you can use the hotkey which is CTRL + V. The record button will light up red to indicate that a highlight is recording.

record a highlight using the record button
Record a highlight

You can press the button again, or press CTRL+V to stop the recording. As soon as you’ve done this, the replay will be saved into the highlights folder where you can watch it back. If you don’t know where that is, we have made a guide here.

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