How to See Your Steam Purchase History & Recent Transactions


If you’re account has been compromised or you’re just generally curious to see how much you’ve spent on Steam, you need to find your purchase history. Inside, you can see all game purchases and money added to your Steam wallet.

On top of that, you can get options for each purchase. For example, you can request a refund on a game, contact Steam support or claim that you’ve been charged an incorrect amount.

Finally, you can see a receipt/invoice for each transaction which provides a transaction ID and VAT/TAX details. Below, you can find a quick guide for how to access your purchase history in the Steam client.

See Steam Purchase History

To start, you need to access the ‘Account details’ area in Steam. If you’re using the default Steam skin, you can access your account details by clicking on your portrait in the top right of Steam.

Meanwhile, if you’re using the Metro Skin, you can find it in the context menu in the top left.

steam account details
Open the Account Details section in Steam

Select Account Details, and you’ll be taken to an area of Steam where you can access and change all of the information on your account. For example, you can change your email address, add Steam guard, change your mobile number and view licenses.

The option that we want is “View Purchase History”, located near the top right of the window. Inside are all of your purchases and other transactions since you created your account.

You can select each one to see more details about them, whilst purchases in the last 2 weeks are eligible for a refund if you meet the requirements. To get a refund on a purchase, Steam support states that you must have owned the game less than 2 weeks and have less than 2 hours of playtime.


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