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There are multiple uses for weapons in Factorio. You can use them to not only take out any enemies residing near your base, but to also destroy objects such as chests by shooting them.

Before you can actually shoot, you’ll need to make sure you have a gun and ammunition available and equipped. They should be in the weapon slots in the bottom right corner of your screen. Cycle between weapons by pressing ‘TAB’.

Below, you can read our short guide on how to use weapons in Factorio, and how to actually shoot. For more Factorio guides, make sure to check out our dedicated area here at PwrDown!

How to Shoot in Factorio

Now, the first way to shoot is by holding ‘SPACEBAR’. Although this only works on enemies that are coming towards you. Pressing this key won’t actually do anything unless enemies are in range, and you must also have ammunition equipped in the bottom right corner of the screen.

shooting enemies in factorio
Shooting enemies

If instead you want to shoot objects, you can do this by holding down the ‘C’ key whilst hovering your cursor over a destructible item such as chests. For example, holding down ‘C’ with your mouse placed over a chest will cause your character to start shooting it. Doing so will cause the chest to be destroyed, and all the contents inside to be unrecoverable.

Shooting a Chest to destroy the contents

Some other things to note: As you research new technologies, you will unlock new weapons and ammunition types that can be equipped in the bottom right. Guns wont work without ammunition equipped. You can cycle between weapons by pressing TAB, but this only works if other weapons have ammunition available. 

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