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It’s very important to know what your Ping is in Overwatch. Ping is also known as latency or internet lag. It determines how many milliseconds it takes for your command to reach the server.

For an example, if you was suffering with 1000 ping, it would take an entire second for your action to actually happen. If you aim on someone and shoot, it won’t fire until an entire second later, which is bound to miss.

The normal amount of ping is usually around 30-50, which isn’t noticeable at all. Up to 100 is playable, any more and you’ll really start to notice the lag.

Below, you can find our quick guide for showing your ping in Overwatch. Whilst we have some more guides here at PwrDown.

Showing Ping in Overwatch

Luckily, Overwatch has a built in Ping counter which you can display in-game. To get it working, head into the Game Settings. Under the ‘Video section’, you’ll see an option labelled ‘Display Performance Stats’.

show ping in overwatch
Turn on ‘Show Network Latency’

Make sure that this is set to On. You can expand it out and show what stats you want to show in Overwatch. To show your ping, make sure that ‘Show Network Latency’ is enabled.

Fixes for High Ping

If you’re noticing a high amount of ping in Overwatch, it’s something that you can possibly fix. The first thing you should do is see how far away from the servers you actually are, especially in NA.

Otherwise, here are some fixes you can try:

  1. Make sure nothing is downloading in the backgrounds. Whether it be torrents, Steam updates or downloading software. This is usually one of the biggest reasons for having high ping.
  2. Turn off any streaming services. It’s normal for someone to possibly have a live stream on or listening to music through Spotify whilst playing Overwatch. You can try turning these off to see if it fixes your network lag.
  3. Finally, you can try restarting your router or getting in contact with your ISP. They can let you know if something is wrong on their end.
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