How to Sleep in The Outer Worlds


When you play the Supernova difficulty in The Outer Worlds, there are a few new mechanics you need to follow. These are primarily eating, drinking and sleeping. The types of things you’d expect in a realistic, survival styled mode.

Failing to do any of these, and your character will begin to lose some of their skill points, making them fail a lot of in-game checks. Resting is also one of the easiest ways to heal any injuries you have.

Without sleep, you will become sleep deprived. You need to sleep each day to prevent this. Failing to do so will cause exhaustion in 4 stages, reducing temperament, intelligence, strength until finally dying. 

Below, we’ve put together a quick guide for sleeping in The Outer Worlds. For more guides & content for The Outer Worlds on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

Sleeping & Resting

As seen in the Codex entry in The Outer Worlds, the only location you can sleep in The Outer Worlds is inside of your ship. There is no option to sleep outside, or in any of the towns/cities that you find.

Codex entry for resting

The bed can be found in the Captains Quarters, on the top floor of your ship. However, if you’re still at an early point in the game, it might be sealed off and inaccessible. 

Sleep option for the ship bed

Head into the Cargo Bay, which is found near the entrance to the ship opposite Ada. In here, you will find a cot bed which you can also use, until you have access to the Captains Quarters.

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