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How to Stop and End Raids in Minecraft

Raids are a new mechanic in Minecraft, introduced with the 1.14 Village & Pillage Update. A new enemy type, called Pillagers will attack Villages, killing all of its inhabitants if you don’t stop them.

Annoyingly, raids can be very difficult and use up a lot of armor, food and weapons to complete. If your raid has glitched or it’s too difficult, you might be better off just ending it using commands so you can return your village to normal.

Below, we have a quick guide for preventing and disabling raids in Minecraft. For more guides and best of lists including seeds, check out our area Minecraft area here

Ending Minecraft Raids

Firstly, you can prevent raids by not entering Villages with the Bad Omen Effect. If you have recently killed a Pillager Captain (who carries a banner above their head), it’s likely you’re carrying Bad Omen. 

A Minecraft Village

You can check by opening your inventory. If you are, entering any village will automatically cause a raid to start. You will need to drink milk to remove it. Now, if you are already in the middle of a Minecraft raid, they are difficult to end. Obviously, you can end it by killing all of the enemies that come in waves. 

If your raid has glitched and you can’t find enemies, then you can try ringing the bell which will make them glow and be visible through walls. If you just want to end the raid, there are a few ways of doing so, and none are very survival friendly. 

A raid in progress

Firstly, you can set your game mode to peaceful. You can change your difficulty in the settings, or do /difficulty peaceful command. This will cause mobs to de-spawn, essentially ending the raid. You can change your game difficulty again once you have removed the Bad Omen effect.

Another method to stopping raids is to turn them off completely in Minecraft. Again, you can do this with a command. Enter /gamerule disableRaids true as a command. This will end the current raid and prevent anymore from happening. This command will require cheats enabled. If you’re on a survival single-player mode, open to LAN and allow cheats.

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