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Foxes are a mob in Minecraft that where added with version 1.14, the Village & Pillage Update. They are small passive animals which will mostly spawn in Winter & Snowy Biomes.

They usually spawn and roam around in groups, and dependant on the biome, will spawn in different colors. A Fox in a Snowy Taiga become arctic foxes, and are white compared to their orange counterparts. 

Annoyingly, Foxes are quite difficult to tame in Minecraft. Similar to Cats, they don’t trust the player and will often run away. And when you do tame them, it isn’t similar to Wolves where they will be a loyal companion, instead, they just won’t run away anymore.

One of the mechanics for Foxes is that they will carry items in their mouth. They will automatically run to items on the ground and pick it up, carrying it around with them. A Fox can also carry an Undying Totem to be revived on death.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can tame Foxes in Minecraft. For more Minecraft guides and seeds, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

How to Tame Foxes

To tame a Fox in Minecraft, you will require at least 2 Leads and 2 Sweet Berries. You can find Sweet Berries on bushes which spawn in Taiga Biomes.

Head into the snow biomes, and look for two foxes. At night, it will be easier to find them near villages as they head there.

Foxes on a lead

You will need to place the Foxes on a lead and tie them up to a fence post to keep them nearby. This could prove to be difficult, as Foxes will naturally run away from the player no matter what, so prepare to do a lot of running after them.

Once tied up, you can give each Fox some Sweet Berries so that they enter ‘love mode’ and start breeding. They will immediately breed, and spawn a Baby Fox. 

A baby Fox in Minecraft

Now, the Baby Fox will behave differently to the adults. It won’t be scared of the player, and will automatically trust them. This means that the baby wont run away, and will typically stay near it’s parents. Now, use another lead and take the Baby Fox and walk away.

You can take the Baby Fox home and keep it enclosed somewhere to stop it naturally wondering off. Once it has matured into an adult, the Fox will be ‘yours’. It won’t run away, and will roam around. However it’s a good idea to keep it enclosed, as there is a chance of them disappearing.

Again, Foxes don’t act like dogs. They won’t follow you, fight for you or sit down. They will just hang around your base, holding items in their mouth. Hopefully, this guide for taming a fox in Minecraft has been helpful to you!

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