How to Throw People in Gang Beasts on PC, Xbox One and PS4


Gang Beasts is a great party game, the physics and throwing people off of building makes it insanely entertaining. Although actually picking people up and throwing them is quite difficult to do.

To actually win a game of Gang Beasts, in most cases, you need to throw your opponent off any platform they’re standing on so they fall out of the world. The last one standing will win.

That’s why in this guide, we’re going to show you how to pick people up and throw them in Gang Beasts. This guide works on all consoles including PC, Xbox One and PS4. We also covered an article containing all the controls for Gang Beasts which you might find useful.

Throwing People in Gang Beasts

Now, it’s always easier to throw people when their character in unconscious. Just knock them out with a headbutt or some punches. You can pick people up when they’re standing, but they’ll be able to fight back and get out of it quite easy.

To actually pick someone up, you will first need to grab them. You can grab by holding down the punch buttons which are LMB/RMB on PC, L1/L2 on PS4 and LT/RT on Xbox One. Note that if the person is on the ground, you might need to bend down to grab them which can be done by holding Left CTRL on PC, Circle on PS4 and B on Xbox One.

You should now be attached to an enemy player in Gang Beasts. As long as they aren’t holding onto anything themselves, you should be able to lift them up by holding down Left Shift on PC, Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One. 

Now carry them towards the ledge, and using your momentum, throw them off. Remember that you will need to hold down the grab keys at all time and let them go to throw someone.

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