How to Uninstall Overwatch PTR


Overwatch PTR is the Public Test Region, where you can try out some of the latest heroes and changes in Overwatch before they go live. For example, players where able to try out Hammond and give feedback before he becomes available normally.

Once you’re done playing on the PTR though, you may wish to uninstall it to get some of your storage space back. Whilst it’s an easy task, the menu is relatively hidden.

Below, you can see our quick guide for uninstalling the Overwatch PTR on PC. Whilst here at PwrDown, we’ve covered many more Overwatch Guides!

Uninstalling the PTR

First off, make sure you have the Public Test Region selected. You can do this in the client by being in the Overwatch section, and choosing ‘Public Test Region’ in the bottom left corner in the drop-down box.

select public test region in the dropdown box
Select the Public Test Region

You will know you have the PTR game selected as you’ll see a yellow banner in the top left. Next, press the ‘Options’ button located just below the Overwatch logo and choose ‘Uninstall Game’.

choose uninstall game to remove ptr
Choose Uninstall Game under the options menu

The Public Test Region and all it’s files will be removed from your computer. You can reinstall it at any time in the future.

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